Before I ask this question, let me state that I understand the security implications of what I'm trying to do. Comments to the effect of "Don't do that," or "Find another program," are not helpful. Thanks.

Bottom line: I need to make the claws-mail "Fancy" plugin available to users of Leap 15. The problem is that the plugin requires webkitgtk, which was removed from Leap as of 15.0. And, for the record, the "Dillo" plugin is not a solution to the problem I'm trying to solve here.

That said, webkitgtk was dropped for valid security reasons, so I don't want to just build and install it where any program could make use of it. So what I'm thinking is that I'd like to build webkitgtk, claws, and its plugins in such a fashion that nothing else can use the library.

Can I do this simply by building and installing webkitgtk to a non-standard location and then pointing my claws build to that location through manipulation of the library path? Or is there a better way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

Advice and pointers highly appreciated.