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Thread: Connect to the Web Interface Via: https://localhost

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    Question Connect to the Web Interface Via: https://localhost

    Hey Everybody,

    I've been struggling with logging onto the web interface for open build service. I can get my VM spun up with the prebuilt image seen found at I can successfully connect to one of the webpages that apache is serving up at the VM ip address, but whenever I attempt to hit the ip address over https I come up with an HTTP 403 error code. I've tried turned off selinux and setting the permissions on the entire filesystem to be 755 using chmod (yes, I know, it's bad practice but it was just for testing purposes since I'm unsure as to how to find the file I'm looking for).

    Has anybody else had this issue before?

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    Default Re: Connect to the Web Interface Via: https://localhost

    Been thinking about your post since it appeared,
    After all, how can a page be accessed with http but then throw a 403 error using SSL?

    Believe the last time I saw that was when I was connecting through a proxy firewall,
    That has the ability to handle each connection differently.
    I don't know that OBS has such a thing set up on its end, do you have a proxy firewall on your end?

    Could that be your situation?

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    Default Re: Connect to the Web Interface Via: https://localhost

    Turns out that each time I attempted to reset the image back to it's state before modification I was selecting the image I'd already modified. After switching to the original image the error went away and I was able to continue on my merry way. I feel like such a goof. facepalm

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