I've been on Tumbleweed for several years now. In those years I used a mixture between system tray updates (daily) and 'zypper dup' (every few days). I've never had any issues or incomplete updates due to this reason. Of course if there is a risk for a broken system, I fully agree it must be addressed... admittedly I've been annoyed at how the icon always only did partial updates and I also had to 'zypper dup' afterward.

What upsets me is that a lot of people seem to think Tumbleweed users shouldn't have system tray updates at all: If we use a rolling release distribution, we're technically advanced users, so we know how to type 'zypper dup' in a console... therefore why would we need a common convenience such as a system tray icon to handle updates for us, when we can handle everything like the cool hackers? I know not everyone thinks that way, but when discussing those things I always got the impression it's how a lot of people feel. In reality, Tumbleweed users do expect the same cleanness and ease that a periodic (non-rolling) release offers, and the lack of a working tray updater now feels like an essential missing feature.