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Thread: Youtube videos fail with chromium "experimental" version

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    Default Youtube videos fail with chromium "experimental" version

    If I install the "experimental" version (67.0.3396.62) from network://chromium, I can't run any youtube videos at all. They display the first frame for a fraction of a second, then I get a dark grey "snow" screen with the message "An error has occurred . . .".

    If I go back to the official version (66.0.3359.170) from the Leap repositories, then everything works normally.

    System is OpenSUSE 15.0 with current updates; it was a new install about a month back, but my home directory (and therefore all of ~/.config) was copied over from my 42.3 disk.

    If this isn't the right place for a problem report like this, please let me know.



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    Default Re: Youtube videos fail with chromium "experimental" version

    You should submit a bug to

    Include details including the experimental repository you're using, and logs.
    If you can't get logs, next best thing is a screenshot of the error.

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    Default Re: Youtube videos fail with chromium "experimental" version

    I had a similar problem with another 'chromium' web browser(Slimjet) which came with a small and IMO incomplete version of libffmpeg.
    My problem was solved by replacing the 'came with' file with another one that is 10.2MB.
    I got it here.
    Hope this helps some.
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