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Thread: openVPN and Device tun0

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    Question openVPN and Device tun0

    I am trying to setup my PC as an OpenVPN client using the doc found at I see that TUN/TAP is a requirement. As I read it, the fact that the output of cat /dev/net/tun on my machine reads:
    cat: /dev/net/tun: File descriptor in bad state
    means that it is installed an enabled.

    However, the wicked ifup tun0 command results in:
    wicked: ifup: no matching interfaces
    Does this mean that the required packing is not installed and/or enabled? If so, what is the package, and how do I enable the device?

    In case it's helpful, ifconfig shows devices "eth0," "lo," and "wlan0," but not "tun0."

    Thank you

    Will in Missouri - USA

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    Default Re: openVPN and Device tun0

    See if this guide is helpful with respect to setting up your VPN client...

    In particular, it explains a bit about configuring /etc/openvpn/client.conf and creating the required tun device configuration (/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-tun0).
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    Default Re: openVPN and Device tun0

    I'm using openvpn as a client for years now.
    All I usually install is "openvpn".
    Then I copy the config file, keys and certificates, which I got from the administrator of the vpn server, in a directory, accessible only by root.
    After adjusting a few paths in the config file, I can start the vpn tunnel with "openvpn <config file name>".

    That's it. I don't need to fiddle with the tun device or setup a network config file for it.


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    Default Re: openVPN and Device tun0

    I've been traveling a lot and recently signed up for a VPN service (CyberGhost VPN) as I'm using hotel WiFi. I've been having to boot to Windows because their only Linux docs are Debian-based. I've never used openVPN and find myself trying to adapt the information that's out there to openSUSE. I think I'm close to having to working correctly, and I appreciate both of your replies.

    Thank you,

    Will in Missouri - USA

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    tun0 is created by OpenVPN.

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    Smile Re: openVPN and Device tun0

    I was able to get my VPN service working correctly in openSUSE. Thanks again to all of you for your help!

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