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Thread: problem with redshift

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    Default problem with redshift


    First of all I installed the redshift plasmoid from the "add graphic elements" option on the desktop. But it does not work well since I notice a flicker on the screen and uninstall it.

    Then add the repo kde: extra and install the plasmoid-redshift but I can not find it when I'm going to add graphic elements.

    Has anyone tried it and it works well?

    Thank you. Use kde.

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    Default Re: problem with redshift


    I confirm that redshift has trouble here too.
    Same behaviour, screen flickering (Leap 15 + KDE).

    For the redshift plasmoid, just dowload it via the panel.


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    Default Re: problem with redshift

    I have removed the plasma applet and install the gtk one.

    Then, I've noticed that 2 instances are running. This is why the screen is flickering.

    Sadly, I didn't find any service to stop.

    So, I didn't autostart the gtk applet and nevertheless, it is "on" on next logon.
    That trick didn't work with the plasma applet.

    So, it isn't very clean but my eyes thank me


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    Angry Re: problem with redshift

    The adventure continue...

    The last trick was not good. When you want to stop and run redshift again via the applet, the flickering begin again.

    I've searched and see that there is a systemd --user service running it

    So, if you want to play with the plasma or gtk applet, you have to stop the systemd --user service everytime :

    systemctl --user stop redshift.service
    If someone have a better idea ?


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    Default Re: problem with redshift

    Yes, I also realized that. I also had problems with mounting partitions on leap 15 so I lost patience and went to kubuntu lts and all good.

    The only thing that occurs to me is that you use an alias to activate/deactivate redshift easily.


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    Default Re: problem with redshift

    I have got the same problem.
    This is my solution that works for me.

    I have got screen flickering because I have got 2 processes running, one by root and second by user.
    I have killed the first one running by root.
    I have uninstalled redshift and plasmoid-redshift.

    I have installed redshift again.
    I have added Redshift plasmoid widget using Add interface elements.
    Restart system

    After that redshift works and I have got only one process running by user.

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