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Thread: password-store not as official release for Leap 15.0

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    Default password-store not as official release for Leap 15.0

    I just noticed that is not anymore available as official release for 15.0.

    I wonder about few things:

    1. As it was as official release for Leap 42.3 will it at some point available in the same way for Leap 15.0? Or all of it just means that Suse does not want to support it officially anymore?

    2. What does exactly mean that there is experimental package?

    3. Why there are multiple community packages? Why Suse decided to allow multiple community packages instead for example following the way of Arch's AUR where users are encourage to improve one build instead of adding another ones?

    Sorry for maybe noob questions. I am new to Open Suse and would like to understand more its philosophy.
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