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Thread: Installation issue "Loading basic drivers"

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    Default Installation issue "Loading basic drivers"

    Hi everyone,
    Been trying to upgrade from 42.3 to Leap 15 from a CD-Rom.
    Unfortunately the installation process stalls indefinitely at the step "Loading basic drivers".
    My laptop is six months old.
    Any advice?

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    Default Re: Installation issue "Loading basic drivers"

    It is hard to guess the problem. The most likely cause is a video driver problem. And if that happens to be your problem, then try booting with "nomodeset" as a kernel parameter.

    Check my blog post on booting the installer to see where to enter that kernel option.
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    Default Re: Installation issue "Loading basic drivers"

    Thanks, the nomodeset option fixed the problem and allowed the upgrade to complete.
    However this was only the beginning of the difficulties (sigh) : the new OS refused to boot with strange error messages.

    So I performed a new complete install instead of the upgrade. This worked, except that the KDE desktop responds in slow motion: dragging windows across the screen takes a few seconds; same for all commands such as launching an app or logging out which take a few seconds to show up on the desktop; btw, desktop effects don't work.
    I tried with and without the Mesa-dri-nouveau driver, but this makes no difference. Tried to change the compositor's rendering backend from opengl to xrender, but again no difference.
    The graphics card is a GEForce GTX 1050.

    Any suggestions to help?
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    Default Re: Installation issue "Loading basic drivers"


    I think that you use nouveau driver.
    Try to switch to nvidia driver.
    Do you use xorg or wayland?

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    Default Re: Installation issue "Loading basic drivers"

    You can also try the kernel from this:
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    Default Re: Installation issue "Loading basic drivers"

    Thanks for the hint. It turned out that it wasn't a driver issue, but you put me on the right track: it needed to disable the nomodeset option from the grub menu.

    Looks good now.

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