It's been a few days since I upgraded to Leap 15;
I've noted something that was not present in Leap 42.3
Frequently when I access an application which uses or might use the built-in audio hardware
there is a loud startup click from the output speakers.
Playing audio is very good - all normal apart from the initial click.
If I select say a USB device as output often I get the same click from the onboard speaker connection
but again with the click over and done with the rest of the playback is excellent.

Starting an application like "test speakers" will sometimes produce the click right before the test starts;
not after the app was recently used, but almost certainly if the app has not been in use for a while.


A second observation is that there is no longer a "pulse" item in various device lists
(example in Skype or Audacity) to select the audio device according to the pulse selection.
All the devices are listed individually along with default and sysdefault and work fine
but no "pulse" option.

I guess I must have missed the memo on these items. Anyone else seeing the same differences?
I have checked that all the alsa plugin libraries are loaded, as they were in 42.3.