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I had the same problem with another Brother printer. Probably the solution will be the same:
The message "No such file or directory" is misleading, because 32 bit libraries, which are provided by Leap 42.3 and not Leap 15, are not found:
If you run
objdump -p /opt/brother/Printers/mfcj985dw/cupswrapper/brcupsconfpt1 | grep NEEDED
you will see probably that libc.so.6 and libm.so.6 are needed. These libraries in turn need ld-linux.so.2.
These "files" are in Leap 42.3 symbolic links to libc-2.22.so, libm-2.22.so and ld-2.22.so in the directory /lib. So I copied these three files from my old Leap 42.3 installation from the directory /lib to the Leap 15 installation /lib and set the symbolic links in the directory /lib
ln -s libc-2.22.so libc-2.22.so
ln -s libm-2.22.so libm-2.22.so
ln -s ld-2.22.so ld-linux.so.2

Finally I could execute brcupsconfpt1 and printing was possible.
Strange. Do you have glibc-32bit installed? FWIW, on my fully updated Leap 15 install glibc-32bit-2.26-lp150.10.13.x86_64, so perhaps you need to check the version installed.