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Thread: SDDM Login - OpenSuse in the toilet?

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    Default Re: SDDM Login - OpenSuse in the toilet?

    Quote Originally Posted by Knurpht View Post
    Come on. If no one would have pointed out this one, I ( and AFAICS most others ) would never have noticed. Re. the boot animation: there are people that don't see lampposts, churchtowers etc, but ...... If it was up to those people we wouldn't have anything at all. I coud easily sit down and claim to see sexual content in half of the icons provided, in Tw's boot animation...
    IMNSHO the designers have done a beautiful job in providing us with a consistent theming of both our distros.
    100% in agreement with this statement.

    With this:
    Quote Originally Posted by dcurtisfra View Post
    • International "diplomatic correctness" and "cultural sensitivity": "open for discussion" …
    Totally disagree. There is a limit to "Political Correctness" when it crosses the line into Sublime and Ridiculous.

    That kind of "Political Correctness" is part of George Orwell's chilling prediction in "1984".
    "Take a Walk on a Sunny Day, Greet everyone along the way, and Make Somebody Smile, Today"
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    Question Re: SDDM Login - OpenSuse in the toilet?

    OK, then, how about this issue?

    An office floor plan is something which is is drawn up by an architect and, therefore, it is copyrighted …
    • It's unlikely that, SUSE owns the office space in Prague.
    • Therefore the floor plan is either the property of the building's owner or, the construction firm or, the architect's office …

    In many cases, architectural schools are part of a university's art department -- architecture is often viewed as being an art form and therefore the copyright issues around the "architecture of a building" are from a legal view point, heavy, difficult and expensive …

    • Make an abstract line diagram (art) which has the form of a floor plan but, doesn't reflect anything to do with the floor plan of any actual building.

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