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    Default Pam authentication

    Hello Linux guys,

    I want to setup a ssh connection from my client pc to my server, but each time I try to do so, I can't login.
    When I go look in to the log file of my server, it says:

    pam_ldap: missing "host" in file "/etc/ldap.conf"
    error: PAM: Authentication failure for illegal user test-client from

    does someone know what this problem is and how to fix this?

    thanx for you help

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    Default Re: Pam authentication

    Are you attempting to authenticate utilizing ldap?

    If not start by checking this:

    yast->network services->LDAP and Kerberos Client

    Go to change settings
    Uncheck Allow LDAP Users to Authentic (pam_ldap)

    That is how the default install is configured.

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    Default Re: Pam authentication

    If you are attempting to configure an LDAP server and client then I would start here:

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