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Thread: Very slow shutdown

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    Default Very slow shutdown

    I am using Leap 42.2 . When I shudown the computer it takes several minutes. First I right-click press leave then I press the shutdown button wait for about 40 seconds the screen goes black then the screen reappears again for another 40 seconds, then it goes to runlevel 3 after that it shuts down .

    I am not sure what information I can provide to help
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Very slow shutdown

    42.2 is, as I'm sure you know, very much end of life

    Perhaps consider updating?

    The following may help in your efforts to debug the slow shutdown...
    Regards, Paul

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    Default Re: Very slow shutdown

    Check /var/log/ for bloated files. Logrotate might not be running automatically. On an older installation, some log files can become massive, and take a long time to update activity. If I'm right, do
    logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf

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