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Thread: btrfs slows down system

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    Default btrfs slows down system

    On my desktop the btrfs process sometimes goes up to 13% and the system is completely unresponsive for a while. Can I do something to avoid this behavior?

    LEAP 15.2 64 bit
    KDE 5.18.6 Qt 5.12.7
    Desktop: Nvidia GTX960
    Laptop: acer aspire 5750g / intel graphics

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    Default Re: btrfs slows down system

    There's some Btrfs "housekeeping" which is executed by means of system cron jobs located in "/etc/cron.weekly/" and "/etc/cron.monthly/".

    You may care to check if one of these jobs is executing whenever you experience that the system has become unresponsive.
    • To check if a cron job has run, you need to take a look in the systemd journal:

    # journalctl --this-boot | grep -i 'cron'

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