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Thread: Can't upload to tftp from Cisco catalyst switch

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    Default Can't upload to tftp from Cisco catalyst switch

    Again same story.. I;m just beginner Linux users and having trouble with every task that I'm trying to use on linux rather than on Windows.
    To copy/backup configuration and software bin files from cisco catalyst switch I have installed tftp server with yast installer
    enabled TFTP firewall role , started service as described but having errors and no files are transferred to /svr/tftpboot
    after some attempts I have removed -s and added -c but have no luck.. Or maybe I don't know sequence of arguments or something.
    man tftpd
    gives lots of options, but some things doesn't make any seance to me.
    its difficult to troubleshoot a problem because how UDP behaves.
    Any help I will appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Can't upload to tftp from Cisco catalyst switch

    The instructions on the SDB page you provided are for 11.3, that's a long time ago. And, please show us exact commands, content of your scripts etc, between CODE tags, the # in de layout ribbon.
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