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Thread: Finger touch / multitouch on Thinkpad x61 tablet

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    Question Finger touch / multitouch on Thinkpad x61 tablet

    I am new to the Suse environnement,licensing and to linux as well (even if i made some tries in the past). After some problems with Windows I'm making a new try with opensuse.

    My problem is : before the installation on my hard drive, when navigating on the installation menu, i was able to use the fingertouch of my computer, which was nicely surprising to me. But since the system is installed, i'm not able to do that anymore. The stylus works.

    I tried to look for the configuration on the internet and the forum, but i didn't find anything (actually i found a website about this but i lost the adress and i can't find it again :/ )

    I'd be grateful if you can help me ! I hope i can keep my good old little pc healthy, and i think that leaving windows is a good start^^ and i wish to keep it fully fonctionnal...


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    Not too sure about this but search for "touchegg" (it's an app) this could be the one you need.
    Sorry I am not using thinkpad.
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    Dear Emilien,

    I have a Thinkpad Carbon X1. Are you using the Kernel 4.4 coming with Leap 42.3? I had to install a current kernel and the current kernel-firmware to get all features of the notebook. With the old 4.4. Kernel some keys were not working, I had problems with bluetooth...

    I suggest to use the kernel-default from this repository:



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