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    Can't get minitube to playback videos on Leap 42.3 on Win10 dual boot on HP2000 laptop with AMD chipset.. Search results load but none play.. Recommended repos installed but problem continues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ortizh View Post
    Recommended repos installed.
    Please elaborate on this. One does not "install" repos, but one adds repos to the repo list. After that one can (and probably should) install things from repos, else nothing will change.

    So the questions are:
    1. do you have the Packman repo in your repo list (please post
      zypper lr-d
    2. did you do the "switch to Packman":
      zypper dup --from <the identification of the Packman repo in the list>

    For <the identification of the Packman repo in the list> you must fill in one of the things in the repo list as shown above like the number, or the alias, or ...
    Henk van Velden

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