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Thread: HELP - Boot Menu Not Displaying

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    I have a machine with 2 HDD and 1 SSD.

    I have Windows 10 OS loaded on the SSD.

    I dedicated my first HDD which is 1TB as a storage system, where I save all my windows files to.

    On the second HDD which is also 1TB I installed OpenSuse Tumbleweed on. Here is the configuration I used:

    Root (/): 50GB : BtrFS
    Home (/home): 300GB : Ext4
    Swap (/swap): 16GB : swap
    VMS (/vms): 100GB : Ext4

    When I start my computer or restart, I am expecting to see a boot menu, which asks me which OS to load. Unfortunately (and just my luck), it is booting directly into Windows. I am under the assumption that this is happening because I have a SSD? Was I suppose to install something else? How do I get this boot menu up and running?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    - AJ

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    Default Re: HELP - Boot Menu Not Displaying

    One of the experts here will tell you how, but in the mean time you should be able to use the F12 key during boot (might be different) and use the bios menu to select the drive to boot from.

    i always preferred this method as it prevents either operating system from interfering with the other.

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