Posting this from within openSUSE 15.0 Beta.

This more than 10-yr-old Laptop is Quadra-Booting openSUSE Leap 42.3, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Debian/Gnu Linux specialized Media Production distro AV Linux, and -- as mentioned -- openSUSE 15.0 Beta, all running the Xfce Desktop.

This laptop is screaming along in all 4 OS versions. No issues, no glitches in any.

I am especially impressed with 15.0 Beta, thought there would be some hiccups, but I have been using it for all things I normally do through the past two days (12+ hours a day) without even a hint of a problem, so far.

About the only thing really outstanding about 15.0 Beta is that it seems to be running even smoother and faster than 42.3, otherwise I really cannot tell I am not in 42.3.

How great is that?