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Thread: Mining cryptocurrency on OpenSUSE

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    Default Mining cryptocurrency on OpenSUSE

    I find mining software difficult to get on Linux and specially OpenSUSE.

    I managed to get ethereum mining on OpenSUSE using ethminer
    For mining:
    ethereum-cpp (
    libethereum (obs://
    For the wallet:
    geth (obs://

    I am getting 20MH/s mining ethereum on a NVIDIA GTX 1080.
    I was thinking perhaps mining other cryptocurrency would be more successful.

    There are plenty of software available for Windows, just to install and start mining. Easy peasy...
    All I can find for Linux are projects on GitHub mostly and some on user OBS repositories (like the ethereum software).
    The instructions on these projects are mainly for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. The Ubuntu linux instructions are not difficult as I am familiar with compiling software. The problem is acquiring the packages necessary.

    After reading of the new BTCP Bitcoin private. I wanted to check if I could start mining it on OpenSUSE.
    Setting up an Electrum wallet:
    Some of the packages I have not been able to install.

    Have anyone been able to get software to mine Litecoins, Ethereum, Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash or the new BTCP Bitcoin Private ?

    Are there anyone else who is using OpenSUSE to mine cryptocurrency?
    What kind of cryptocurrency.
    What software are you using (installed binary or compiled yourself).

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    Default Re: Mining cryptocurrency on OpenSUSE

    If you're chasing cost/benefit,
    Instead of installing and running mining apps randomly
    I'd instead recommend you start with the many cryptocurrency mining calculators available.

    That would give you at least a break-even and possible profit (or more likely loss) projection.

    Partly because of the extreme public hype, unless you have an extremely low cost of electricity in combination with some exotic equipment, it's not easy to find a profit-making combination, even medium or long term. And, because actual
    mining profits are variable, even projections are extremely speculative.

    That possibly explains the several stories about embedding mining on unsuspecting victims, that's perhaps the <only> way to ensure a profit today.

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