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Thread: Intel compilers in Leap 15 no go

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    Default Intel compilers in Leap 15 no go

    trying to install Intel compilers version 2018 update 1, it complains:

    32-bit libraries not found on this system.
    This product release requires the presence of 32-bit compatibility libraries
    when running on Intel(R) 64 architecture systems. One or more of these libraries
    could not be found:
    libstdc++ (including libstdc++6)

    Now I have the 32-bit libraries for all of these, and my LD_LIBRARY_PATH

    Interesting I could install Intel compiler 2016 update 4 (which is definitely not supported)
    and it did not complain about these 32-bit libraries.

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    Default Re: Intel compilers in Leap 15 no go

    As always,
    It depends on how you installed your Intel compilers.
    If you used a "smart" package management system like YaST or zypper, then <if> the RPM was built properly specifying its dependencies a dependency check would be made on install.

    No check would be made until the executable is actually run, as you've discovered.

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