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Thread: Qt development for Android

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    Default Qt development for Android

    I tried to install the Qt Creator for development of Android apps. Obviously this is not possible with the Qt Creator from OpenSuse repisotories.
    Therefore I choose the download from the officail Qt site, with the "" program. After some issues with the 32 gcc and its environment the installation went fine.

    But now, when I try to run the newly installed Qt Creator from its own directory the following error-message appears: "This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb"".
    The Qt Creator form OpenSuse repisotory still runs fine.

    Is there a tutorial/manual how to install Qt for android on OpenSuse?
    Has anybody an idea how to fix this issue?


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    Default Re: Qt development for Android

    From the relevant Qt documentation...

    An explanation what xcb is

    Although teh following from the Qt forums describes a User trying to run an application from outside Qt Creator, IMO the troubleshooting procedure and possibly the solution(missing 32-bit libraries) should apply to you, too.

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