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Thread: Restoring network access

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    Question Restoring network access

    My Linux system worked as usual yesterday. Today I was surprised that the network access did not work any more after a reboot while my network electronics are still working by the software distribution “Knoppix 8.1” at the moment.

    Now I wonder which software component would like to annoy me in special ways. Would anybody like to help with the reactivation of all network services for my Tumbleweed environment?

    I find it strange that I get the information “no device” from the command “wicked ifstatus eth0” (for example).

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    Default Re: Restoring network access


    Double-check your physical network connections, in particular whether your adapter link link is blinking (not just a steady on or not lit).
    Check whether your Wicked service is running, and if not what the log snippet says
    systemctl status wicked
    Check whether your network service is running, and if not what the log snippet says
    systemctl status network
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    Question Re: Restoring network access

    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post

    Check whether your network service is running, …
    Both commands gave me the information “active (exited)”.
    The command “systemctl restart network” did not help after another login into my Tumbleweed system a moment ago.

    How are the chances to fix such a network incident from within my current Knoppix session?

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    Post Re: Network access was restored.

    Today I configured a change root environment from within another Knoppix session. This setting made it possible to update a few additional software packages by the tool “zypper” after I noticed that the component “wicked 0.6.45-1.1” was offered.

    The network services are working again as desired.

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