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    Question Mouse Pointer Blanks Screen

    I've been trying to post this post now for hours. Logging in to this forum and posting using Firefox for android is basically a train wreck. You might want to look in to that.

    I installed Leap three days ago. It was so buggy, I upgrade installed Tumbleweed yesterday.

    When waking my computer up from sleep mode it does this. Luckily, I can still type my password in on the login screen, but...


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    Where's the video link??

    http s:// vimeo .com /257320263

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    Several people looked at this thread, but no answer until now. You seem to have posted a link here to some video somewhere. It does not run for me. That site even tells me that the page does not exist. Please take note of the fact that not all people here love it to run videos from some untrusted site. Also scripting in web pages might be blocked by many.

    A more step by step explanation about your problem might be needed. We have a pasting site at where you can also post images (see button top-right).

    Also your, not backed by facts, remarks about the forums login and posting might give the impression to people that this is more like a rant. Many will then skip reading your post because they are not willing to search inside rants if there might be some serious problem description.
    And it will be clear from the number of threads and posts here that most people do not have the log in and posting problems you seem to have. Thus when you want others to look at that a description of what you do and get in a thread in the appropriate sub forum (Forums Feedback > How to use the forums) might bring forward help with that. Just saying "it is a train wreck" will not.
    Henk van Velden

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