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Thread: configuration of touchpad not active

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    Default configuration of touchpad not active

    Hello. I've just installed Tumbleweed. Everything's great save for the touchpad. It is working, except for the scroll bar which is annoying. When I go to the configuration panel, I cannot change any parameter. It says "the active does not correspond to the saved configuration. the saved configuration is displayed". there's a button to activate the active configuration, but it does not do anything. I cannot click on any of the parameters, they are greyed.
    Any idea ?
    Thanks !

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    Default Re: configuration of touchpad not active

    Welcome to openSUSE Forums tangerine16!

    1. Which desktop environment are you using?

    2. What is reported by the following command?
    sudo libinput-list-devices
    *This will tell us more about how libinput is handling the device.

    3. This might give us useful hardware description of your touchpad...
    /usr/sbin/hwinfo --mouse
    4. The laptop brand/model might be helpful as well.

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    Default Re: configuration of touchpad not active

    Thanks ! I have a lenovo m30, and I'm running KDE.
    here's what I've got. So two fingers scrolling work, but not on the edge, and still bizarre that the configuration is not active

    Device: ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad
    Kernel: /dev/input/event1
    Group: 9
    Seat: seat0, default
    Size: 98x61mm
    Capabilities: pointer gesture
    Tap-to-click: disabled
    Tap-and-drag: enabled
    Tap drag lock: disabled
    Left-handed: disabled
    Nat.scrolling: disabled
    Middle emulation: disabled
    Calibration: n/a
    Scroll methods: *two-finger edge
    Click methods: *button-areas clickfinger
    Disable-w-typing: enabled
    Accel profiles: none
    Rotation: n/a

    and the second command gives that : /usr/sbin/hwinfo --mouse


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