I hope this is the right subforum to ask for kernel stuff....

I try to build the latest kernel from the stable kernel repo that is 4.14.15-5.
But it always fails, I always get a segfault in objtool at some point.

Some people suggest RETPOLINE to be the bad guy that segfaults objtool.
Thus, I disabled RETPOLINE, but did not help either...

Then I tried to use CONFIG_UNWINDER_FRAME_POINTER=y and disable RETPOLINE the same time, did not help again.

I´m a bit displaired now, any suggestions?
Though, I use march=bdver2 to optimize for AMD FX. Could this cause trouble?

System used:
Leap 42.3
GCC7 gcc 7.3.0
AMD FX CPU with march=bdver2