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    It had been awhile since I last used kodi. So, today I did a zypper up and it updated my kodi repo. Then, I launched /usr/lib64/kodi/kodi.bin from CLI sans a problem. However, when I went just to see the Add-ons -> Available updates folder (which had some addons need be updated), it printed lots of messages on my CLI as shown below before it crashed with a core dump. Has anyone encountered such a problem?
    extern "Python": function Cryptography_rand_bytes() called, but @ffi.def_extern() was not called in the current subinterpreter.  Returning 0.
    extern "Python": function Cryptography_rand_status() called, but @ffi.def_extern() was not called in the current subinterpreter.
    Returning 0.
    Floating exception (core dumped)

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    Maybe try force re-installing to make sure updates are installed, particularly security updates which might have changed/updated encryption packages.

    Did you install Kodi from an openSUSE repo?

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    There is a bug in the version of PyOpenSSL in 42.2 and 42.3 that breaks Kodi, or more specifically the addon system for Kodi.

    Bug was reported about a year ago:

    As nothing appears to be being done to update to a non-broken version of PyOpenSSL, a work around is to use the python repo to update your python, see tsu2's response here:

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