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Thread: Update Intel Parallel Studio

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    Default Update Intel Parallel Studio

    I have the commercial Intel Parallel Studio Cluster Edition installed. The software has no official SUSE support.

    On the factory mailing list I was adviced to install a rpm repository.

    I copied the rpms to a directory and added this as repository
    URL: dir:///opt/intel_rpm_repository/parallel_studio_xe_2018_cluster_edition/rpm
    Category: YUM

    Since then I can do smoothly do zypper dup which had issues when I was installing the Intel software by the Intel install script.

    Now there is a new Parallel Studio Cluster Edition available, hopefully icpc fixed it's incompatibility with gcc 7.2's header files.

    What is the best way to update?
    * copy the new rpms to the rpm dir and do zypper dup? What is with the old rpm's
    * create a new prm repo? But how to switch?

    There are 187 rpms with 3.6GB in the repodir.


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    Default Re: Update Intel Parallel Studio

    I'd put the rpms in the local repo, and keep the older ones there to be able to downgrade to a previous version.
    Before doing so, I would backup everything related to this software.
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    Default Re: Update Intel Parallel Studio

    Thanks, then I'll try it this way.

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