I downloaded the latest ISO image for Leap 42.3 and burned it to DVD. When I boot my computer with the DVD in the drive, a selection menu appears:
Boot from harddrive
<other options>

When I chose "Installation", all seems fine at the beginning. The screen turns into a 'console mode' after some time and then goes black. I now expect the installation to start... instead, I'm back at the selection menu of the DVD.

The DVD is fine, I can use it on another (older) desktop computer.
I still have the DVD with Leap 42.2 and I can install Leap 42.2 from this DVD without any issues.

I also have a multi-boot DVD with several linux distributions. Same problem there, regardless of the distribution I chose (I tried Tumbleweed and Ubuntu).
I therefore assume that the problem is not specific to Leap 42.3, but to the combination of my desktop with 'new' ISO images.
Any idea where to look?

Thanks, Stephan