Hello everyone,

I'm attempting to re-install OpenSUSE - this time I was trying to use either of the following scenarios:
1. sda1 [ext4 => "/boot"], sda2 [LUKS => BTRFS => "/", etc]
2. just sda1 [LUKS => BTRFS => "/", "/boot", etc]

In both cases installer throws error code -3034 at me, saying the following [also, screenshot attached]:

"Failure occured during following action:
configuring encrypted DM device X


System error code was - 3034

Do you want to continue anyway?"

When I hit "yes", it only installs regular BTRFS without any encryption.

Any clues? Thanks in advance!

PS I thought OpenQA checks all imaginable configurations ... but mine seem quite exotic, I suppose?

- marc