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    I recently moved one of my web-services from Ubuntu to openSUSE. I was wondering where I could find my application logs. They used to appear in catalina.out on the old server. I have very limited experience with tomcat so I may be missing some configuration - though I did read somewhere that application logs are directed to syslog on openSUSE.

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    Have you looked in /var/log/tomcat/? or journalctl -u tomcat command?
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    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmlewis View Post
    Have you looked in /var/log/tomcat/? or journalctl -u tomcat command?
    Yes, I can see them through journalctl now. systemd had stopped producing logs for the last couple of weeks for some reason (maybe systemd-journald had crashed) but seems to be working fine now. how can I redirect logs to catalina.out or some other file in /var/log/tomcat/ ?

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    the question 'where are the opensuse-tomcat logs?' should not be unanswered.

    - a little late - but maybe it helps somebody -

    (tested in this second)

    with the standard yast installation (leap 42.3 or tumbleweed) there are logs in

    the default 'logs' found in /usr/share/tomcat and linked to -> /var/log/tomcat

    and after starting tomcat there are catalina.* , host-manager.*, localhost.*, localhost_access_log.* and manager.* entries

    tomcat starts and stops with (old suse standard) rctomcat or newer

    systemctl start tomcat.service

    - do not forget: systemctl enable tomcat.service - after installation

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