Hello again.

Let's see -- I'm running Tumbleweed on an older (32-bit) dual cpu (2 x Intel Pentium 4, 2.40 GHz) processor. OpenSuse Tumbleweed 20171218, KDE Plasma 5.11.4, KDE Frameworks 5.40.0, Qt 5.9.3, Kernel 4.14.6-1-default. This problem arose about two or three days ago (shortly after the latest automatic update). Oh, yeah -- my mouse is a standard PS/2 2-button dealie, connected to the 6-pin PS/2 port. The keyboard uses a similar connection.

Anyway, every once in a while my pointer device / mouse gets "stuck" -- the cursor stops at a particular point on the screen, and no amount of moving the mouse around will get it free. Sometimes I'm able to use keyboard navigation to shut down a few application programs (like Alt-f, then Quit). Sometimes that also fails. The only way I can get around this is to reboot. Most of the time I can use Alt-Ctrl-F1 to get to the terminal interface, log in as root, and do an orderly shutdown. Other times I have to use the reset button (this is messy, and often means I have to boot up three times before everything works right: once to get past an error message about "Invalid PTCI data", once to get the system up with the mouse still frozen but with the keyboard operational, and the third time I can do a clean boot after a clean shutdown).

This problem arises in any one of several applications, so I suspect a bug in the OS (it's as if an interrupt service routine stops working). I'm not certain this is the appropriate forum, but couldn't find a better one.

Any advice will be appreciated. It's annoying to be forced to reboot the system four or five times per day.