Hi all a couple of issues with this. I'm trying to set up a sync operation with a Box account for a user, so when they either log in or log out, a sync is performed on a specific folder. I have managed to get access to Box via Dolphin, but the sync operation is a manual one. The user is not that experienced with computers, so I need to manually copy the files across. This is obviously not a very good long term solution. I've tried writing a couple of scripts to do this, but I'm not that good at Bash/Python/whatever, to get this working properly.

I have managed to create a mount point under "/mnt/..." to the Box account, but I want this to automatically mount upon the user logging in. I have an fstab entry that works if I "sudo mount /mnt/...", I have created a link to the "/mnt/..." folder in the user's directory. The user account is part of the davfs2 group. I can't run the mount command as the user, but if I run it via sudo, it all works and I can see the files in the linked folder.

One of the options in the fstab entry is "auto", not "noauto", doesn't this mean mount automatically? I also have "_netdev" there as well to wait for the network connection. Here is the complete fstab line

https://dav.box.com/dav /mnt/staff@box davfs _netdev,rw,user,auto,uid=staff,gid=davfs2 0 0

Secondly, the credentials for the username and password in the "~/.davfs2/secrets" file are not being looked at, as I need to enter the details in when I mount through sudo.

Any help here?
openSuse 42.2