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Thread: Black screen after upgradinn graphics drivers

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    Default Black screen after upgradinn graphics drivers

    Hello, I've installed openSUSE Tumbleweed some days ago and for a time it run perfectly, yesterday I decided to update the graphics driver of my video card (An old NVIDIA 9400 GT) and after restart and GRUB, nothing, only a black screen. The system is not locked up i guess, at least CAPS and NUM LOCK keys lights turn on and off if I press them. I tried booting with "nomodeset" and "nvidia.modeset=0" parameters, and also with the fixes found in this article , and still nothing. I dont want to do a fresh install, so Im asking if there is some other solution. Also, I'm currently using Arch and Windows 10 in other HDD, if its relevant to do any fixing.

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    Update driver from what version to what version?
    The Tumbleweed repo currently carries the 384.98 version, but that does NOT support the 9400 card apparently: see
    You need a 340.xx driver apparently, maybe the 340.104 so you should install it "the hard way".

    And, by the way, welcome to the openSUSE forums!
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