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Thread: How to adjust brightness

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    Unhappy How to adjust brightness

    Laptop: ThunderRobot X7
    Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 1070
    OS: OpenSUSE leap 42.3 GNOME


    I can not adjust screen brightness by slide bar in System Settings or right-top corner menu in desktop.

    I can adjust the brightness by nvidia-settings, but after I reboot, all my settings were lost and the screen became very bright again. And then I run nvidia-settings, the screen brightness changes to volumn set by nvidia-setting.


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    Default Re: How to adjust brightness

    Tumbleweed Gnome on i7 4720HQ + Geforce GTX960M
    testing Leap 15.3

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    Unhappy Re: How to adjust brightness

    Quote Originally Posted by OrsoBruno View Post
    Hi OrsoBruno,

    This doesn't work.

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