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You are not alone... I've just tried to use gparted and see exactly the same behaviour fails to start, and from the command line:

"(gpartedbin:9789): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: "

I last used gparted around 6 months ago, there's been a lot of snapshots since then so I've no idea when this "problem" was first introduced. (Currently on 20171212).

Changing the gtk theme per @GooeyGirls's post https://forums.opensuse.org/showthre...97#post2847597 makes no difference. Had been using "Default", tried Breeze and Adwata, with a reboot on each occasion for good measure.

Googling for the "Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: " returns several hits, all of which seem to indicate this is caused by the Xserver not running and/or running under Wayland.

I'm not using Wayland and X is running...

Affects both existing users _and_ a new test user, so it looks like a system level rather than user problem.


Any idea which snapshot may have introduced this? Perhaps a clue there... Or have you made any progress with it?
Did you create a test user and try it there as well to eliminate user settings vs system settings.

If you open a terminal and switch to root user with su - (not su or sudo), does it work then?