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Thread: Help please with any media playing, Kaffeine, Openshot Digital TV via Kaffeine etc. It stall's?

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    Default Re: Help please with any media playing, Kaffeine, Openshot Digital TV via Kaffeine etc. It stall's?

    OK further to this issue, I have just done a new install Leap 42.3 and installed as per the guide to install multimedia codecs etc on this forum, from all the zypper parts to also switching to Packman for the system files, but there is still the same issue when running kaffeine, well assuming it is the same issue.

    So I have gone back into software manager and looked for any files with vdpau and found, So I looked at removing it and can see why I got major issues before, unfortunately as it was late in to the night yesterday I did not take to much notice. But I can not see how I can remove the file as it breaks a lot. It de-installs a lot of packages and changes a file repository from Packman to Suse.

    #### YaST2 conflicts list - generated 2017-12-04 17:51:58 ####
    libxine2-1.2.8-127.5.x86_64 requires, but this requirement cannot be provided
        [ ] Following actions will be done:
    downgrade of libxine2-1.2.8-127.5.x86_64 to libxine2-1.2.8-1.1.x86_64
    install libxine2-1.2.8-1.1.x86_64 (with vendor change)  -->  openSUSE
    deinstallation of libavutil55-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of amarok-2.8.0-19.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of libopencv3_1-3.1.0-3.25.x86_64
    deinstallation of libopencv-qt56_3-3.1.0-3.26.x86_64
    deinstallation of libQtAV1-1.11.0-1.5.x86_64
    deinstallation of kfilemetadata5-5.32.0-1.5.x86_64
    deinstallation of ffmpegthumbs-17.04.2-1.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of libavfilter6-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of libswscale4-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of k3b-17.08.3-10.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of libavdevice57-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of libavcodec57-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of gstreamer-plugins-libav-1.8.3-3.6.x86_64
    deinstallation of libswresample2-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of libxine2-codecs-1.2.8-127.5.x86_64
    deinstallation of libpostproc54-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of ffmpeg-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of libavformat57-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of libavresample3-3.3.4-9.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of libquicktime0-1.2.4cvs20150223-12.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of vlc-noX-2.2.6-8.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of libdigikamcore5-5.5.0-2.11.x86_64
    deinstallation of libQtAVWidgets1-1.11.0-1.5.x86_64
    deinstallation of libKF5Baloo5-5.32.0-1.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of gwenview5-17.04.2-1.5.x86_64
    deinstallation of dolphin-part-17.04.2-4.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of digikam-5.5.0-2.11.x86_64
    deinstallation of baloo5-widgets-17.04.2-1.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of baloo5-tools-5.32.0-1.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of baloo5-file-5.32.0-1.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of kfilemetadata5-lang-5.32.0-1.5.noarch
    deinstallation of k3b-lang-17.08.3-10.4.noarch
    deinstallation of amarok-lang-2.8.0-19.1.noarch
    deinstallation of mjpegtools-2.0.0-19.6.x86_64
    deinstallation of libmjpegutils-2_0-0-2.0.0-19.6.x86_64
    deinstallation of vlc-codecs-2.2.6-8.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of vlc-codec-gstreamer-2.2.6-8.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of vlc-qt-2.2.6-8.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of vlc-2.2.6-8.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of showfoto-5.5.0-2.11.x86_64
    deinstallation of plasma5-workspace-5.8.7-6.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of plasma5-desktop-
    deinstallation of dolphin-17.04.2-4.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of baloo5-kioslaves-5.32.0-1.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of baloo5-imports-5.32.0-1.3.x86_64
    deinstallation of gwenview5-lang-17.04.2-1.5.noarch
    deinstallation of dolphin-part-lang-17.04.2-4.1.noarch
    deinstallation of digikam-lang-5.5.0-2.11.noarch
    deinstallation of baloo5-widgets-lang-17.04.2-1.1.noarch
    deinstallation of gstreamer-plugins-bad-1.8.3-8.9.x86_64
    deinstallation of patterns-openSUSE-kde_plasma-20170518-6.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of sddm-theme-openSUSE-42.1.1-19.1.noarch
    deinstallation of plasma5-workspace-lang-5.8.7-6.1.noarch
    deinstallation of plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE-42.1.1-19.1.noarch
    deinstallation of plasma5-session-5.8.7-2.1.noarch
    deinstallation of plasma5-desktop-lang-
    deinstallation of kinfocenter5-5.8.7-1.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of gstreamer-plugins-farstream-0.2.8-3.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of gstreamer-plugins-bad-lang-1.8.3-8.9.noarch
    deinstallation of sddm-branding-openSUSE-0.14.0-5.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of patterns-openSUSE-kde_imaging-20170518-6.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of patterns-openSUSE-kde-20170518-6.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of kinfocenter5-lang-5.8.7-1.1.noarch
    deinstallation of libfarstream-0_2-5-0.2.8-3.4.x86_64
    deinstallation of libpurple-2.12.0-9.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of telepathy-haze-0.8.0-7.2.x86_64
    deinstallation of libpurple-tcl-2.12.0-9.1.x86_64
    deinstallation of libpurple-lang-2.12.0-9.1.noarch
    deinstallation of libpurple-branding-openSUSE-42.2-4.2.noarch
        [ ] keep libvdpau1-1.1.1-11.3.x86_64
        [ ] break libxine2-1.2.8-127.5.x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies
    #### YaST2 conflicts list END ###

    So I am really not sure what I should do next, so still throwing myself on your assistance while I continue to get back to a working pc.

    I am wondering what has changed to cause this, it would have been over a week agao I first noticed the kaffeine issue?


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    Default Re: Help please with any media playing, Kaffeine, Openshot Digital TV via Kaffeine etc. It stall's?

    hm the problem was the -u switch it removes unneeded dependencies as some of those dependencies wore needed you should have chosen to keep them
    try removing only vdpau packages in yast or with zypper search for and remove only vdpau
    zypper se -si vdpau
    people do make mistakes (it wasn't a mistake it was a suggestion) you do have a head on your shoulders you really shouldn't have removed all those packages I said remove vdpau packages
    and yes I'm sure vdpau is nvidia and does not work on intel, intel uses vaapi
    on intel machines libvdpau-va-gl is used to redirect vdpau to vaapi (maybe all you needed was to check you have this package )

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    Default Re: Help please with any media playing, Kaffeine, Openshot Digital TV via Kaffeine etc. It stall's?

    Yes I have vdpau-va-gl1 and installed, I can remove vdpau-va-gl1 without resolving the problem but could not remove the without damage to the system that is all from the software manager Yast.

    And yes the issue was mine, I was tired and missed the warnings about removing part of the system in Yast.

    I can use dragon player to watch the mpeg, but I am now looking to see if I can find a simple alternative to kaffeine for the digital TV. I note there iis an update to Openshot but not through suse.

    I will get there eventually.


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