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The point I was making was not whether the package, in the example libdvdcss, was needed; but that if a package is installed and the repository from which it came is either disabled or removed, that package then becomes an orphan.

paul@Orion-15:~$ sudo zypper packages --orphaned
[sudo] password for root:
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
S  | Repository | Name       | Version    | Arch  
il | @System    | libdvdcss2 | 1.4.0-1.15 | x86_64

On your own system (as shown in post #10) the repository for that package (#7) is enabled, so it's not orphaned.

I've no idea what package (on your system) requires it. Which raises another point; define "unneeded", but VLC, k3b, and likely other media players, loose some "functionality" without it.

The bottom line is each user decides what's "needed"...
Sure. But the command is hinting to suspect packages. And removing some 'unneeded' packages and rerunning the command lists new packages as unneeded. When repeating until done you may get rid of numerous packages you never use, but which may cause zypper to ask.

Anyway I would have a command which tells me why a package is 'needed'.