Got curious about this file inside ~/.local/share directory on GNOME and other GTK+3 based DEs.

I realized this is the one responsible of the "recently used" file list, kind of handy in case of few often used files but messy in case of many.
Has also small weird behaviors: sometimes there's more than one of them inside the directory (no idea why), and when deleting it (or them) then rebooting, it appears generated again if at least one of the files in the list was opened with one of GNOME's "builtin" applications such as Gedit, Document visor, etc (probably LibreOffice itself as well?).

I read there's a way to disable this "feature" for good with some settings.ini file inside ~/.conf/gtk-3.0 directory.
So would like to ask, are there any opinions about this "feature" in GTK+3 based DEs?
Could it really become a small privacy issue like some people say around internet?
Do you disable it or simply not care at all?