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Thread: Intel graphic driver support in kernel

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    Default Intel graphic driver support in kernel

    Hi, I got problems with intel hd graphic card -brightness setting don't work because intel isnt recognized correctly. I Forgot about this problem and get used to it, but i ve made kernel upgrade to v 4.13 (i got rollback to 4.4 because i couldnt fix other errors which arrived)and it started to work. My question is will there be support for that card in kernel 4.4 LTS somehow backported from new kernels ?

    linux-f1ox:/home/lukasz # lspci |grep VGA
    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 5916 (rev 02)
    linux-f1ox:/home/lukasz #
    i got Lenovo ideapad 310-15 optimus nvidia/intel. Intel HD Graphics 620

    kernel 4.4 /sys/class/backlight empty
    kernel 4.13 /sys/class/backlight there is intel_backlight directory and its working perfect

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    Default Re: Intel graphic driver support in kernel

    Hi, not really a kernel expert here, so you might wait for a wiser answer
    Anyway the current kernel for Leap 42.3 includes some backports from the LTS kernel 4.9.x (with mixed results apparently) and you don't appear to be happy with that.
    It is unlikely that features will be backported from kernel 4.13 that will be EOL in a few months.
    Kernel 4.14 is to be released in a couple of weeks (currently at RC6), it is going to be an LTS and will likely be included in openSUSE 15 to be released in less than a year. It will likely include the feature you need and you will be able to install it from the Kernel:stable repo in a few weeks.
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    Default Re: Intel graphic driver support in kernel

    Thanks for reply, i have found out that it is working since 4.10 probably or 4.9 don't remember found on arch forums. So i could expect that this card will be supported in this year on LTS ?

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