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Thread: Libre Office lost it's kde integration after 20171022 snapshot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GooeyGirl View Post
    Hmmm, interesting... To ask you a completely unfair question, would you guess that if i remain with my current repos version i'd "only" have to wait days or weeks for a solution, or more like months+ ?
    I cannot really give you an estimate, sorry.
    But it will rather be weeks (or months) than days I'm afraid.

    it "plays nice" with the existing repos version by installing separately into /opt
    It does. You can even install 5.3 and 5.4 in parallel I think.

    it is "pretty" again.
    If you install libreoffice-kde too (and provided that it works), it should be "pretty" again.
    Though that is subjective of course, TBH it doesn't look too bad in your screenshot either IMHO.
    The difference is that it uses GTK3 now and the configured GTK3 theme (i.e. not KDE's Oxygen, which is not available for GTK3) and other settings. This also means that it uses GTK3's file dialogs instead of KDE's, which would probably "annoy" me more personally...
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