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Thread: Help SUSE-To Iso

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    You want to create a custom image?
    I wouldn't recommend AutoYaST, that more or less is a way to script installations.
    Exactly, I would not even contemplate sitting at 100 computers (as indicated by the OP) to install.... even if they are standalone, connect a few up via a switch and install....
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    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmlewis View Post
    Yes, which can be done by the autoyast and the program called kiwi locally or on Studio Express.

    If all the PC's are the same hardware, hard drives etc then use dd?

    You can create an image that will auto install just plug in a usb device and boot?

    Just do a standard openSUSE install and then create a patch cd (Yast add on product) of the configuration files and any additional rpms and deploy to the machines?
    i will try to use kiwi locally i hope find my way

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