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Thread: upgrade to PHP5.6.30

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    Default Re: upgrade to PHP5.6.30

    I see or higher in the first sentence.... OP can just install PHP 7 then part of the available default packages....

    Information for package php7:
    Repository     : openSUSE-Leap-42.3-Update
    Name           : php7                     
    Version        : 7.0.7-22.1
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    Dear all experts,

    I just get back to this task today. I am not familiar with zypper, so I went to YaST2 Software Management. Last Saturday's error disappeared today (as Opensuse server is back to normal, I think). I just ticked all PHP 5.6.31 items in Development>Libraries RPM group. The upgrade process is quite smooth.

    I try this version because I need to use PHP level transaction control for MYSQL. I am afraid PHP7 is too new that not much code on web I can reference from. However as its performance is much faster, I may test my application on it very soon.

    All your advice and help make me walk faster and lighter. Many thanks !

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