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    Hi everybody,
    I have a NIS authentication master server with some clients.
    But I have a new computer to configure and it is a laptop. So I want to be able to login even if I'm not on the same Lan than NIS master.
    So I think to set up a NIS slave on this laptop.

    I configure the NIS master adding a slave (ypinit -m or using the GUI)
    And when I wanted to configure the laptop, I have the following error: Can't enumerate maps from [master name]. Please check that it is running.
    As [master name] I try different name (eg: name or name.loc, ...) and the IP address.

    The laptop uses Opensuse Leap 42.3 and the master uses an older Opensuse (12.1).

    Do you have a solution ?
    Thank you very much

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    Default Re: Nis slave

    Although I haven't set up NIS for many, many years,

    A general principle of all login managers is to cache (or possibly have an option to cache) successful login credentials. Cached credentials have a TTL, but it means that you can take a mobile machine out of the LAN and still login using your network credentials.

    The main reason to deploy an authorization server is to access network resources that require network authentication, but you haven't described that requirement in your post. Usually you don't carry network resources on your laptop when you go traveling, and if you did have a need you might do something like VPN into your LAN so you have access to both network resources and an authentication server, or a slave might be deployed next to a resource server (eg website for company employee use) in the cloud.

    So, recommend you test taking your machine outside your LAN before you determine there is a need to deploy a NIS slave on your machine.

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