On my system, I'm having trouble getting the game Stellaris to run correctly using optirun.

The launcher screen appears, but then when I press launch, no loading screen appears on my screen. The process is using 100% CPU, but seems to be running in the background somehow (it also doesn't appear on the task bar). According to optirun --status, it is using the discrete graphics card.

I came across a thread on the Paradox Interactive forum, where someone said to use primusrun instead, so I tried that. I had to edit the primusrun script a little bit in order for it to get the correct path to the libGL libraries, but then it worked fine!

Btw, the edit I did to the script was this:
export PRIMUS_libGLa=${PRIMUS_libGLa:-'/usr/X11R6/$LIB/libGL.so.1'}
Why isn't optirun working in this case? According to the Bumblebee tutorial I shouldn't even use primusrun anymore, as the two should be equivalent. Is my optirun configured wrong somehow?