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Thread: Helper applications with Seamonkey

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    Default Helper applications with Seamonkey

    Hi All
    My first post so I hope I am in the right place.
    I am using OpenSuse Leap 42.3 with the Mate desktop and Seamonkey for my browser.
    When I try to read a PDF online with Seamonkey the only option is "Eye of Gnome" which does not recognise PDF's.
    I was previously using Trueos, and by navigating to /usr/local/bin I could set the helper applications as I chose ie Okular for PDF's.
    What path would I need to use to find the applications in Opensuse?

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    Answered my own question
    Navigate to /usr/bin open then look for Okular click open.
    When you now open a PDF Okular is now shown instead of Eye of Gnome

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