It seems that every browser tracks user. After all they are free. What browser to choose then?

.Firefox, built for“privacy and security”
Actually collects data after you hit all “opt-outs” in the settings. Checked about:config settings and there were more.
Firefox even creates cookies.sqlite again after you deleted everything (or at least you thought so)

Opera preferences file contains exceptions for something like “facebook” and“double click”. I’m not sure if this can be changed. But Opera is not that bad.

Pale moon is not fully independent too. Checked about:config settings.

Not even mentioning Chrome here, because it’s a Google’s zone.

I know this sounds paranoid, I’m not really interested in this kind of stuff. Which was of course known. But all this raises concerns!

What’s left for browser that truly just does it’s job?
Chromium? But it was built by google. Can really trust it, doubts.

Then nothings left. Is it.