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    Default File Content is unsigned....

    Does anyone know what this is about?
    Warnung: File 'content' from repository 'Haupt-Repository (OSS)' is unsigned.

    Note: Signing data enables the recipient to verify that no modifications occurred after the data
    were signed. Accepting data with no, wrong or unknown signature can lead to a corrupted system
    and in extreme cases even to a system compromise.

    Note: File 'content' is the repositories master index file. It ensures the integrity of the
    whole repo.

    Warning: We can't verify that no one meddled with this file, so it might not be trustworthy
    anymore! You should not continue unless you know it's safe.
    This comes up after zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change. Only the Tumbleweed repos and Packman are in my repo-list.

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    There are issues with catastrophic hardware failure at d.o.o, you should postpone updates for now until they can fix things and get all redirection and mirrors up to date.
    .: miuku @ #opensuse @

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    Thanks. I will do so.

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