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Thread: KDE Virtual Terminal Encoding Problem

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    I'm having a problem that looks like an encoding issue with kde on Tumbleweed but I can't say with certainty. Using both Konsole and Yakuake when I launch ncmpcpp to connect to MPD, the virtual terminals look like the attached image: Notice the question mark like characters at the top left and bottom left of the screen!! Those are supposed to be line characters. This issue began a few weeks ago and has not gone away with zypper updates.

    When I use ncmpcpp using a "real" terminal (Ctrl+Alt+Fnumber) I don't have this problem. Thus I tend to believe it's either a kde issue or display issue. All of my encoding settings seem fine. Yast & KDE's system settings have language set correctly (American English). Yast and Konsole use character encoding UTF-8 as does ncmpcpp and mpd.

    The only other terminal application that I see a similar issue with so far is nano. Notice how the key-bindings on the bottom of the screen are NOT aligned as they usually are (^J Justify is not centered). Same with "M-W WhereIs Next".

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    labouie@Tumbleweed:~> locale

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    I found the solution to the issues in the mailing list. Within Konsole and Yakuake TERM was set to "TERM=xterm-256color". Per advice from the mailing list in Konsole go to Settings -> Edit Current Profile -> General tab -> Environment button. Changed it to "TERM=xterm-xfree86". Do the same for Yakuake.

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    I just realized that after making my update and upon shutting down of Konsole/Yakuake and relaunching, my directories were no longer in color when typing "ls". Thus I needed to edit file /etc/DIR_COLORS and add "TERM xterm-xfree86" to the list of values to regain directory color.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    It's a bug in the terminfo-base package and affects all terminal emulators, not just Konsole.

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