A bit of a background: I was using Mint 17.2 KDE and it was working without any problems then I upgraded to Linux Mint 18.2 KDE and it was a mess, I downgraded to linux mint 17.3 and I was locked out and was not able to log in, since I don't have the time I went back to my old friend openSUSE.

Yesterday I installed openSUSE leap and I chose KDE and it was better than mint 18.2 but it was a mess. It froze and logged me out when I was watching a movie on smplayer multiple times so I downloaded VLC which worked without problems, then it froze when I was browsing using firefox, so I installed opera

Today after installing all my servers and restoring all my previous work I was doing a lengthy jmeter test and my son was watching a movie on another screen when it froze again.

I thought KDE was the problem so I downgraded to KDE 4 and I was locked out of KDE altogether as I can not find KDE/Plasma in the login screen

I used Xfce and restarted the jmeter test when it froze again, this time jmeter, opera, ksysguard and dolphin were running. and it froze the laptop while using about 20% of the CPU and about 2.4GB / 8GB of RAM

I am using opensuse on my Samsung np300v5a laptop core i5 with 8GB Ram and a 4 GB swap (i know) it has both intel and nvidia display adapters but I did not install any drivers for nvidia
I have LAMP and a file-server installed through the default opensuse installer.
I upgraded the stock mariadb to version 10.2.8

Currenlty I don't have the time or resources (Internet download quota) to download another Linux so is there a way to fix this issue?